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The Almada International Performing Arts Festival - TRANSBORDA creates in the city of Almada / Portugal a context devoted to contemporary creation, artistic sharing and the diffusion of performative works driven by experimentation and crossing borders.

TRANSBORDA will annually bring together artists and curators who perform urgent practices with a focus on the diversity of bodies, possible forms of coexistence between different cultures and the configuration of relational fields.

When we arrived in Almada four years ago, we met people of different nationalities and social circumstances and a huge cultural dynamic, we immediately understood the city as the place that interested us to live and work. We always focus on the participatory reinvention of common spaces through art, the dissolution of boundaries and the power of affections.

In São Paulo, in the old center, an area of high social vulnerability, we held 13 editions of the FCD- Festival Contemporâneo de São Paulo ( integrating diverse audiences with the cutting-edge international contemporary production. We occupied theaters and public spaces, providing meetings that made possible the democratization of contemporary performing arts in the city.

TRANSBORDA proposes to trigger affective dimensions between artists and audiences, activating studios, cultural spaces and theaters in the city of Almada as relational fields aimed at coexistence, friction, and sharing between people from different cultural and social contexts.

TRANSBORDA's programming brings together artists who focus on embodied research. The festival intends to expand artistic access in the municipality, fostering and linking works connected to the present and which reflect on the future of dance and contemporary performing arts.

Adriana Grechi and Amaury Cacciacarro

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