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TRANSBORDA - Almada International Performing Arts Festival

The TRANSBORDA constitutes in Almada an international context dedicated to the contemporary cutting-edge creation in dance, to the artistic sharing and to the diffusion of performative works moved by the desire of experimentation and to exceed borders.

The festival annually gathers artists and curators that develop works with the focus on the diversity of bodies, on the potency of affections and on the perceptive and participative reinvention of the common spaces through art.

The TRANSBORDA draws up the international programming axis of the Casa da Dança ( and relies on the support of the Almada Municipal Chamber.

The festival comes out from the professional experience of Adriana Grechi and Amaury Cacciacarro that have held 13 editions of the Festival Contemporâneo de Sao Paulo ( Through the occupation of theatres and public spaces with meetings regarding the democratization of contemporary performative arts, the FCD had approximated in the city diverse publics to the new international production.

Living in Almada since 2018, they´ve founded the Núcleo – cultural association and idealized the TRANSBORDA. An festival to overflow borders and trigger affective dimensions between artists and public, activating cultural spaces and theatres in the city as relational fields turned to the conviviality, the friction and the sharing among people from different cultural and social backgrounds.


With a format centred on the investigation and artistic qualification, the festival searches to widen up the artistic access in the municipality, fomenting and knitting together works connected to the present and that reflects upon the future of dance and the contemporary performative arts.

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